Permashield USA, LLC was founded to manufacture and distribute a proprietary tire sealant product line developed by its founder and CEO Bryan Berman.  Mr. Berman, an attorney and entrepreneur, was also a successful franchise automobile dealer-operator for nearly a decade, with fourteen franchises located throughout the Southern United Sates.  During his time as a dealer, he recognized the need for a product that would prevent flat tires and provide increased levels of safety and convenience for drivers.  He knew that if his dealerships were able to sell such a product it would be a tremendous profit enhancer to both the fixed operations and the sales/finance departments.

So, in 2018, a few years after his departure from the full time operation of his car dealerships, Mr. Berman decided to pursue the development of a flat-preventative tire sealant that would work with all modern passenger vehicles equipped with TPMS.  He studied all of the existing products on the market and then worked extensively with a team of emulsion formulating chemists with a combined 80 years of experience.  For months, they sourced the highest quality polymers and other non-toxic, non-combustible ingredients, and developed a proprietary method of formulation.  Once the methodology was perfected, they engaged in extensive testing and refinement to ensure functionality in virtually any climate and compatibility with virtually all tire types.  In late 2019, after nearly two years of development and testing, Permashield USA began sales and distribution operations of the product known today as Permashield TS-RK.

There are other tire sealant products available, but they are either incompatible with modern TPMS technology, not approved for high speed vehicles, or have other performance issues as a result of their formulations being made “TPMS friendly.”

Permashield USA, LLC is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma with manufacturing and distribution centers located in Ohio, Indiana, and Oklahoma.