6% Increase in Fuel Savings vs Compressed Air

 31% Extended Tire Life vs Compressed Air

74% more effective in maintaining proper tire pressure

How Permashield® Tire Sealant and Nitrogen+ Work


Permashield® Tire Sealant TS-RK provides puncture protection on the inner tread area while nitrogen maintains consistent tire pressure.


What is Nitrogen+?

Permashield® Nitrogen+ is the proprietary integration of our industry leading Tire Sealant TS-RK and our state of the art nitrogen service.  Using specialized equipment and installation techniques, our combination of inflating a tire protected by Permashield’s tire sealant with nearly pure nitrogen delivers unequaled value, safety, and performance.   Nitrogen+ customers drive with the ultimate confidence that they have the best tire protection available.

Advantages of Inflating with Nitrogen+

Permashield® Nitrogen+ delivers the widely proven benefits to drivers of increased fuel economy, longer tire life, and improved vehicle safety and performance.  Nitrogen inflated tires have distinct advantages over those filled with typical ambient air.  For example:

No Oxidation or Moisture Damage

Our nitrogen inflation system will remove the oxygen and water vapor that exists in all outside air.  This is an important benefit because oxygen causes oxidation and degradation of the inner walls of tires, shortening their lifespan and harming ride characteristics.  Humidity and water vapor injected in the tires from normal compressed air installations can cause rust and other damage to tire sensors, wheels, and valve components.  Properly inflated tires using nearly pure nitrogen from our equipment will eliminate oxidation and increase the useful life of an average tire by up to 50%.

Maintains Tire Pressure

Because nitrogen molecules are more than double the size of oxygen molecules, the permeation of air through the tire wall is virtually eliminated.  Tires filled with ambient air lose on average 2 PSI per month simply through oxygen permeation.  Nitrogen inflation also provides more stable air pressure, resulting in better fuel economy, safety, and tire performance.

FAST FACTS: The Importance of
Proper Tire Inflation

25% of all cars on the road today have at least one tire that is dangerously under inflated

Underinflated tires have reduced fuel economy by an average of 1% for every 3 PSI drop

Over 80% of drivers fail to properly check and inflate their tires

Improperly inflated tires can cause blowouts, tread separation, and reduced breaking effectiveness

“Michelin supports the use of nitrogen based on its ability to better retain air over a period of time.”

“Goodyear supports the use of nitrogen, as an inflation gas, in all Goodyear, Dunlop, Kelly, Associate Brand and Private Brand products, based on the ability for a tire to retain pressure for a longer period of time.”

“While both nitrogen and oxygen can permeate rubber, nitrogen does it much more slowly.”


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