Permashield® Tire Sealant HD

Permashield® Tire Sealant HD was designed for off-road vehicles that require even more protection in the most extreme conditions. The HD formula was designed for use in heavy industrial, commercial, construction, mining, and military applications, and any other serious vehicle usage that operates under 30 mph. The HD Sealant provides protection from puncturing objects to ½” in diameter and in temperature ranging from -40° F to 150° F.  Backed by an industry leading performance guarantee.

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Arm Your Tires for Action

In extreme situations and rough terrain, tire failure can be fatal. Permashield® Tire Sealant HD is reinforced with Dupont® Kevlar® fiber for protection that is the best in the industry. Our heavy duty formula has been specifically designed for military and off-road vehicles that operate at speeds up to 50 mph and need to perform under the most challenging conditions. It will even seal most bullet holes up to 6mm in diameter in the tread area.

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Increase the efficiency of
your fleet.

Reduce Repair Cost

Service calls no longer keep you out of service.

Eliminate Down Time

Your teams stay serving the country.


Permashield® Tire Sealant HD protects those who protect us.

Military Benefits

Permashield Tire Sealant® HD with Dupont® Kevlar® fiber will seal punctures, prevent leaks, lower operating temperatures, and extend tire life in nearly all conditions. Additional benefits include better handling, improved fuel economy, and protection against internal wheel rust and corrosion.


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